Wills & Probate


By making a Will, your mind will be put at ease before and after death. You decide who will inherit your estate, what will happen to your assets and who will look after your children when you pass away.

Over the years, we have seen families in distress due to badly drafted Wills; where money and property has gone to people to whom the deceased had no intention of leaving to.

Our friendly Will writing service team will help you properly draft your Will and plan your estate so that ultimately, you leave your property to the intended recipients. Each Will that we prepare is tailor-made to meet your requirements, by taking into consideration your best interests alongside your financial circumstances and family commitments.

Not only will your Will be professionally drafted, but we offer the option of having it securely stored in our office safes.

We also offer a stress-free administration of estate service, helping the loved ones behind to prepare applications for grant of representation, dealing with the administration of the estate and liaising with HM Customs & Revenue relating to inheritance tax liability issues.